Saint Crispin’s of the Americas

Saint Crispin’s is committed to making the consultation and service processes just as personal for its retailers and private clients as are the shoes its artisans craft in the small Saint Crispin’s workshop.

Until now, retailers and private clients in the Americas have enjoyed fewer opportunities than those elsewhere in the world to receive personal guidance from Saint Crispin’s in creating meaningful selections from countless options our retailers and clients have for customizing their pairs of Saint Crispin’s.

We have now expanded our operations to the Western Hemisphere with the opening of Saint Crispin’s of the Americas in order to more directly and responsively support our retailers and private clients in the Americas.

Retailers have dedicated, direct company-level access “closer to home” and, among other things, the options of hosting more regular trunk shows and special events, of scheduling personal fitting consultations for clients, and of visiting the Saint Crispin’s showroom in New York, NY.

Private clients, particularly those without a retailer in their geographic area, may now for the first time ever receive locally convenient personal consultation and service guidance directly from Saint Crispin’s. Private clients now enjoy the options of private appointments and regularly scheduled trunk shows in their area, appointments in the New York City showroom, and consultation and service via correspondence.

Retailers, prospective retailers and private clients located in the Western Hemisphere may obtain more information from and direct all inquiries to, including scheduling appointments in the New York City showroom.

Private clients are also invited to RSVP for appointment-only trunk show dates in the Americas here.